We firmly believe that a commitment to staff development is an essential ingredient towards ensuring consistent and sustained business success. QDVC Skills Academy remains at the core of the medium and long-term strategy and has the ability to provide an educated, capable and motivated work force which ensures the future of our business in the years ahead.

With the envisaged rapid growth of QDVC in the next few years, a strong commitment to train and develop all employees was established. The QDVC Skills Academy provides Technical Skills Training which covers modules in System Formwork, Carpentry – Concreting, Steel Fixing, Masonry – Block laying & Plastering, Basic Scaffolding, Advance Scaffolding, Supervisory Skills, Drawing Interpretation, Surveying Skills, Banks man, and Safety Modules.

These modules can either be trained on Basic, Intermediate or Advanced level and the Training time varies between 2 to 3 days per module. All trainings can be conducted in our training center in the Alkhor Community, some modules can also be conducted on sites.


The Skills Academy creates the spirit of having a Safe and Productive, well-trained teams on site and creates a culture within the work teams to correctly complete the task at hand within the required timeframe with the safety and quality at the forefront of all task.


Orchestra is an in-house training program to prepare junior Engineers and sites managers to have a common culture within the company. It also aims to formalize and insure transmission of knowledge.

The Methods Departments are keystones in QDVC’s activities and constitute a mandatory component of Safety, Quality and Productivity of all sites. Site preparation and scheduling are indeed of utmost importance to deliver projects as per our objectives.

More than 150 staff from all the projects attended this program in the last 4 years.