Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

QDVC is continuously building a CSR culture where “Taking care about people” is inherent

It is the responsibility of the CSR department to provide the best employment and working conditions allowing our employees and subcontracted workers to return home in good condition, maintaining their health, physical and mental well-being. Therefore, we are committed to implement an outstanding CSR program with a special attention on the welfare and human right of migrants’ workers which are identified as potential vulnerable population.

Ethical Principles

Corporate and personal behavior in accordance with our ethical principles is key to our contract process and our customer relations. We commit to apply our Code of Ethics on all of our activities.


The management of human resources and relations between employees in general are based on the principles of mutual confidence and respect. The Company seeks to offer to its employees fair opportunities to develop their professional skills and career without discrimination. The Company is committed to pursuing the highest health, safety and security standards in the workplace. The Company rejects all forms of forced and child labour.

The Company and its employees will comply at all times with the (international, federal, national and local) laws and regulations for the time being in force in every country where they perform their business activities. Employees must avoid activities and behaviour that could involve themselves, other employees or the Company in any unlawful activities.

The negotiation and performance of contracts must not give in to behaviour or actions that could constitute active or passive corruption, or complicity in influence peddling or favouritism. In particular, in accordance with the United Nations Convention against Corruption of 31 October 2003 (General Assembly Resolution 58/4), the corruption of foreign public officials, in all forms, is prohibited. Gifts and presents above 400 QAR should be given to QDVC Corporate Communication Manager, in order to be offered as awards or prizes during QDVC events.

All employees must avoid situations where their own personal or financial interests conflict with those of the Company. Employees shall refrain from holding an interest or investing in a business, whether the business is a Company’s client, supplier or competitor, if this investment is liable to influence their behaviour in the performance of their duties within the Company. No employee should accept anything (e.g. gifts, hospitality, etc.) that could reasonably be assumed to have a potential impact on business decisions or transactions.

Company and business secrets must be treated confidentially. This also applies to any other information where the Company, its contractual partners or its clients have an interest in secrecy. Such information must not be disclosed to unauthorized persons without permissions. This obligation survives beyond the expiry or termination of employees’ employment with the Company.

Every employee is responsible for the safeguard of the Company’s assets which include without limitation real estate, movable property, intangible assets, ideas, know-how, market information, technical studies, commercial offers, and all data and information to which employees have access in the performance of their duties. These assets are protected and employees remain bound to their duty to protect them beyond the expiry or term ination of their employment with the Company. No Company’s funds or property may be used for unlawful purposes or for purposes that are not connected with the Company’s activities.

The operations and transactions carried out by the Company must be recorded in an accurate and fair manner in the Company’s accounts, in accordance with the regulations in force and with internal procedures. In particular,all employees who make accounting entries must show accuracy and honesty, and ensure that each entry is backed up with supporting documents. Each employee is responsible for contributing to internal control and audit operations with transparency and honesty so that any significant deficiency or weakness can be identified and corrected.

The Company is committed to fair competition. Employees’ relation with customers and suppliers should be fair and
honest, in strict compliance with contractual undertakings and applicable laws and regulations. The Company’s policy regarding its subcontractors, suppliers and service providers is to respect each party’s interests, with transparent and fairly negotiated contract terms, and expect them to adhere to principles equivalent to those in this Code.

The Company undertakes into account, in its strategy and processes, the preservation of the environment and natural resources, the improvement of living conditions, the sharing of experiences, the use of the best technologies and dialogue with and involvement of stakeholders in the decisions that concern them. The Company promotes eco efficiency in all its business activities by striving to reduce its overall carbon and global environmental footprint.



Committed to guaranteeing a recruitment process that respects the fundamental rights of people, QDVC seeks to continuously improve its practices.

In 2015, QDVC conducted a large assessment which aims to better control and monitor all recruitments steps. The study included various stakeholders including some government representatives of our workers’ home countries, recruitment agencies and large groups of workers from various backgrounds.


QDVC implemented since 2011 a Worker’s Welfare Committee, which was meeting twice a year, involving workers and the company’s management to discuss the quality of the food and facilities.

In 2014, the company went a step further in improving the scope of the Committee, meeting every 2 months and focusing on all aspects of the working and living conditions, human resources practices and health & safety on site.

As part of our continuous improvement plan, QDVC conducted its first Workers’ Welfare Committee elections in 2016 and elected 27 members from various projects (the representatives are elected every 2 years). In 2018, Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) has trained QDVC Workers’ Welfare Committee representatives. In October 2019, QDVC extended its training program to include workers’ representatives of subcontractors/manpower providers along with QDVC workers’ welfare representatives



QDVC participate actively in the Qatar National Vision 2030 toward sustainable development by celebrating the Qatar Environment Day which takes place every year on the 26th of February. QDVC projects organize a beach clean-up event with the usual support of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MoME).


Giving blood is a simple thing to do, but it can make a big difference in the lives of others. Therefore, every year QDVC Projects and Head Office employee participate to a Blood Donation Campaign.

BWI Audit Report

In March 2022, the global union federation Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) confirms the commitment made by QDVC and VINCI to ensure workers’ rights during the follow-up audit in Qatar (October 2021).