At QDVC, safety is more than a commitment to the “Zero Accident”. Safety is a core value that we want everyone to share, from managers to workers including our partners and subcontractors. In order to continue to build a culture where putting safety first is self-evident.

The goal of QDVC’s prevention policy is to achieve zero major workplace or commute accidents. For us, Zero Major Accidents means, zero accident causing death or permanent disability. It reflects a deep corporate commitment that is put into practice through the involvement of every QDVC employee.

This goal is pursued through a wide range of actions and initiatives spanning from:

  • Making each individual responsible for his/her own safety and accountable for the one of others affected by the activity being undertaken,
  • Ensuring our managers lead by example and continually promote our “safety first” culture at all levels of our organization along with the QDVC health and safety requirements handbook,
  • Eliminating hazards and reducing risks by implementing the 9 general principles of prevention and the shareholders HSE technical Standards,
  • Conducting deep incident investigation and debriefing with the management in order to identify the root causes and agree on the corrective measures to implement to avoid similar events from happening again along with sharing the lessons learned within the company,
  • Providing safety induction, safety integration, behavior-based safety program and training along with safety trainings to address specific risks (such as confined space) and enhancing skills,
  • Organizing safety awareness campaigns and programs (such as toolbox talk and international safety week) along with ensuring that all our employees and partners are personally involved,
  • Implementing our 5 Key stages of “productive and safe” and ensuring absolute compliance to the approved work method statements and risk assessment on all our activity.