QDVC is continuously building a quality culture, where “Getting it right the first time” is a second nature.

QDVC is a design and build local company working with international standard. We are committed to excellence, we apply advanced technology, continually innovate and improve and thrive on challenges and accomplishment. We have built and agile and responsive business culture that focuses on our clients’ needs and provides tailored solution with certainty of delivery.

Quality is of paramount importance to all our employee. It defines the standards of excellence we build into every structure and every relationship. We are continually evaluating and improving the level of service we offer to our clients to ensure the reputation for quality on which we pride ourselves is maintained and grown.

Therefore, QDVC is focusing on :


We commit to satisfy applicable requirements and to perform our work in compliance with the laws, regulations and standards, implementing international best practices and meeting our contractual commitments.

Client satisfaction and client relationship based on mutual trust are crucial to our company’s profitability. Therefore, QDVC organize every year for each project a client satisfaction survey. The results are analyzed to enable the identification of actions to be implemented in order to improve the Client satisfaction as well as the project and the company performance in meeting the global client’s satisfaction.

In addition, once a year, QDVC organize an employee satisfaction survey. In 2020, employees have indicated that QDVC performance is GOOD / EXCEPTIONAL in 78% of the survey topics.

“We are committed to continuously improve our management system through sharing experiences, proactively listening to feedback and regularly reviewing our objectives to enhance our performance”

  • THE PROCESS APPROACH: to clarifies the way we work together.

The process approach reinforces our control, simplifies our management system, and helps newcomers to understand our organization. It mitigates our risks and improve our opportunities to provide better results for the satisfaction of our Clients and Stakeholders. It is cascaded into the entire organization thus creating a culture to accept changes.

  • THE RISK-BASED THINKING: to ensures risks are determined, considered and controlled.

At QDVC we ensure to identify the related threats and opportunities. By anticipating risks, we can implement actions to improve the performance of our business.

  • THE SHARING OF EXPERIENCE: to have a collective memory, to expand various networks and in-house contacts, to share best practices, innovation and lesson learnt.

QDVC conducts at the end of every tender and projects, a return on experience analysis and present the findings to the corporate and ongoing project management. It is also done through other regular meetings such as monthly sharing meeting in between the projects department manager and the head office department director (Quality, HSE, Human Resources, etc.).