QDVC Business Model

Our Strategy


Persistently develop a highly skilled, competitive and professional team of experts in order to offer the highest quality of services, to satisfy our Clients and to contribute to the development of Qatar;

Relentlessly strive to lead by example in our field, as a contractor, as well as an employer;

Passionately sustain the local economy by expanding in Qatar and attracting the input of local resources along with our established international suppliers and partners;

Consistently stay on the leading edge of technology ensuring we’re always a step ahead;

Considerately support Qatar sustainable development by being a socially responsible company committed to the social cause and local communities.

Our principles

Our approach to business is summarised in four Principles which guide our actions and act as a common unifying bond across our operations:

  • Work together.
  • Succeed together.
  • Be socially responsible.
  • Lead by example.

Company management policy

The Company Management policy is reviewed yearly, QDVC has issued its updated Company Management Policy, emphasizing its commitments towered being a responsible leader and a partner of choice.