QDVC puts psychosocial risk at the heart of its health prevention policy and has therefore implemented a psycho-social prevention plan to provide psychological assistance to its employees.

QDVC has partnered with EUTELMED, an international healthcare and quality of life provider specialized in the prevention of psychological risks related to international mobility and expatriation.  All their solutions are carried out through their secured video-consultation platform, by phone or on site. Their team is available 24/7 and able to conduct consultation in different languages such as English, Hindi and Tagalog.

Different tools are used to make sure psycho-social risks are managed and answered :

  • Prevention sessions, emergency individual sessions or crisis debriefing sessions (such as after a fatal accident) with EUTELMED healthcare professional to provide a specific assistance within the shortest possible time, through individual and /or group, direct or indirect interviews.
  • Our medical staff were trained by EUTLEMED on psychological disorder’s treatment and diagnosis.
  • In-House Counsellors’ (IHC) program: EUTELMED has trained a team of QDVC staff to be able to provide Psychological First Aid (PFA) and counselling in the event of an incident. Additionally, every 3 months in house counsellor follow-up meetings are conducted.
  • Buddy Peer Support (BPS) Program: EUTELMED has trained a team of QDVC workers to detect and identify any potential psychological disorders among the workers and also to provide support to the workers during crisis events. Additionally, QDVC launched a 3-week communication campaign across QDVC projects called “Know You Buddy”.
  • Delivering forums to raise awareness among QDVC Managers about psychological risks.
  • Employees have access to psychological preventive consultation on demand: Each worker have the opportunity to have individual interviews with a psychologist speaking his native language,

 “Integrating healthcare program that control risks in the workplace results in improving our employee quality of life and productivity at work.”