• Project Name Sheraton park project
  • Client QD QDVC 100%
  • Date 2008 - 2016
  • 1 (66 KV / 11 KV) Primary sub-station
  • 7 Hectares public garden
  • 4 Levels of underground parking
  • 2,600 Parking slots


The Sheraton Park Project (SPP) is the Design & Build of a large Public Garden in front of the Sheraton Hotel. This Park is meant to be a landmark in the heart of West Bay, the new business district of Doha, and will be used to host special events such as concerts and festivals.

The project consists of:

  • A 7 hectares public garden with water features, plantations, walkways in granite paving, etc. The Park will have amenities such as children play ground area, restaurants and cafés;
  • Four levels of underground parking for about 2,600 cars;
  • A 66 KV / 11 KV primary sub-station.
sheraton parc