Our values

Our values

Six values that act as common guide to drive everyday activities for each employee:

Through stakeholders listening, we understand client’s needs and expectations and are continuously looking to achieve their satisfaction while delivering the project. We use our know-how and technological expertise for creating tailor made solutions to meet the very specific needs of each project.

The projects are our priority and our people strive to continuously improve and innovate in order to provide the best experience for our clients and the end users. Through our company process approach and close management of risks and opportunities, along with our shared quality culture of “getting it right the first time” we are, all together, improving the overall performance of the company.

We encourage everyone in our organization to work as a team, in cooperation with each other and to take responsibility for their actions. In order to do so, our employees are empowered with autonomy and given the necessary means to perform their tasks. We are accountable for the work as a team and individually, based on our level of responsibility.

Through a culture of care, we have created the conditions in which each employee can express their talent and fulfil their potential. We value our people, encourage their development and reward their good performance. In return, our staff are dedicated to the success of our projects.

Through our strong “safety first” culture, we take every step possible to ensure that everyone’s health and safety is guaranteed on our worksites and to reduce our environmental impact. We are conscious of our corporate social responsibility and are convinced that developing local expertise through the Qatarization process will serve our company and help Qatar’s sustainable development.

We do “what is right” and we do “what we say we will do”. Our employees represent our company’s wealth and their diversity drives our success. They are to be ethically committed, act with transparency, respecting human rights and caring for employee wellbeing. We promote equal opportunities, are honest in all aspects and treat people with respect and dignity.