QDVC is continuously building an environmental culture, where “Reducing project’s ecological footprint during its life cycle” is a reflex. In order to reduce the impact of our activities as far as is reasonably practicable at every step of our project lifecycle, we promote a green growth approach which consist in:

  • Monitoring the environmental aspects and reducing their impacts,
  • Integrating the most sustainable building materials in our project,
  • Implementing eco-design and green procurement process,
  • Using raw material and natural resources more efficiently,
  • Reducing production of waste at source and sorting them,
  • Raising awareness,
  • Implementing procedure to ensure waste traceability,
  • Preventing pollution when conducting our activities,
  • Optimizing the vehicle fleet CO2 production,
  • Delivering eco-driving training to employee,
  • Investing in research and innovation,
  • Promoting clean technologies,
  • Managing waste by recycling and reusing where feasible,


QDVC is certified GSAS design & build service provider

The aim of the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) is to create a sustainable built environment, considering the specific needs and context of Qatar and the region.

The objective of GSAS-Construction Management (GSAS-CM) scheme is to evaluate the sustainability impact of building or infrastructure project over the course of the construction phase by assessing and rating the construction of new buildings.

The criteria and measurements are specifically developed to evaluate the environmental impact associated with the construction of buildings and include issues such as construction management, waste management, and material use.

As a result of its continual sustainability efforts, our projects successfully achieved GSAS certification