Alert device

What is that ?

As part of its mechanism for preventing and detecting corruption and its vigilance plan intended to prevent risks in terms of human rights and fundamental freedoms, personal health and safety or the environment, and more generally in as part of the proper application of its Code of Ethics, QDVC has chosen to put in place a system to collect and process, in complete confidentiality, all reports relating to its own activities as well as to those of its subcontractors and suppliers, in Qatar and abroad.

Who is this for?

The following individuals may be whistleblowers:

– QDVC employees and employees from its subsidiaries.

– external employees (manpower providers, subcontractors, suppliers, service providers, etc.);

– any stakeholders involved in a project (for environmental and societal matters).

Submit report:

You can report facts of which you are personally aware and which you believe constitute a serious violation in any of the following fields:

    The report will be reviewed by the Ethics Officer (confidential) and action will be define in cooperation with the relevant department (such as HR, CSR, HSE).

    Issues and complains can be solved in two ways:

    1. Problems can be solved at the department level
    2. Ethics committee can take part in the decision making if needed.