Delivering a New Vision





Our vision is to implement an outstanding Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) Programme at the closest of the Company’s core business, with a special attention on the welfare of migrants workers which are identified as potential vulnerable population.


Our CSR strategic actions rely on various programmes


Advance, a self-assessment tool

Advance is a CSR self-assessment tool based on VINCI Manifesto “Together”. The program has been adapted to the local context with the purpose to assess the CSR company’s global performance. Following the CSR self-assessment, an action-plan is designed and implemented for continuous improvement and integration of the CSR concept at the closest of the corporate core business.



Workers’ Committees

In 2011, Worker’s Committee meetings have been organised twice a year, gathering workers and management. The main topic discussed, was the quality of the food. Since 2014, the company has gone one step further in improving the scope of the Committee, based on a platform of dialogue between workers representatives and the management. The Committee is now focusing on the working and living conditions, Human Resources practices and Health & Safety on site and meets up every 2 months.



Subcontractors safety and welfare

One of the company’s priority is to continuously improve the workers’ welfare and to reinforce safety and welfare of our subcontractors and manpower providers. It also focuses on our commitment to partner with either subcontractors compliant with Qatar Foundation Migrant Welfare Standards or committed to reach these standards, from the pre-qualification phase to the end of their contract.


Other initiatives to improve QDVC’s workers skills

In a continuous improvement approach, the company regularly participates to various initiatives , aiming to improve its workers welfare . In addition to training provided at the QDVC academy, in order to strengthen their respective professional skills, 3 new initiatives have been launched in 2015: Hygiene campaign: launched with Qatar Red Crescent for more than 800 workers as part of “Wekaya programme”, Better connection program: launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ictQATAR), the program consists of training workers how to use computers and software. 40 voluntary workers received digital training in order to cascade knowledge to their peers . English lessons: an initiative developed by Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) to improve workers English level at project level (LRT Project).