Delivering a New Vision



Our Vision is in line with the State’s vision

QDVC has implemented series of management strategies to reduce its environmental impact. These include efficient waste management, green procurement methods, monitoring of the environmental aspects and mitigation of their impacts, promoting clean technologies, best construction practices, investing in research, innovation and conserving of natural resources such as water.


One of the Company’s environmental on going achievements, is the launching of a carbon sequestration initiative. It is an ambitious project aiming to set up a carbon offsetting project in Qatar.


As part of QDVC’s commitment to protect the environment, the Company launched back in 2009 a carbon offsetting program. Calculating the Company’s car fleet carbon emissions was the first step to optimise the company’s car fleet by selecting car models that emit less emissions to the environment. In parallel, the Company committed to voluntarily compensate every ton of CO2 that was emitted from the car fleet and invest that amount on research, by setting up a carbon sequestration project in Qatar. An initial feasibility study was compiled in 2014 and highlighted that algae was the right mean of effective carbon sequestration in Qatar.

This year, with the support and consultation of Qatar University and more specifically the Centre for Sustainable Development in the College of Arts and Sciences, we seek to engage a four years research program in order to develop algae production technologies for the sequestration of CO2.

This collaboration aims also at the production of various algae-based bio-products that will create integrated knowledge and collaborative arrangements to solve the pressing issues of sustainable development in Qatar, by emphasising on water and food security, preserving and protecting the environment, while reducing and adjusting the long-term impacts of climate change.