Delivering a New Vision


On September 7th 2014, the public works authority of the state of Qatar officially took ownership of the PS70 facilities located in Northern Doha.


The construction of the largest sewage pumping facilities in the Middle East with an estimated 680 000 m3 capacity per day, was awarded in 2009 by Ashgal to a joint venture between QDVC, VCGP and Entreprose projects, both subsidiaries of VINCI group.

This was a milestone for QDVC as it was celebrating a successful venture and completing its first hydraulic project in Qatar.


This turn-key contract consisted of the design, construction, commissioning and start-up of a screen chamber, a lifting pumping station, an export pumping station along with power and control systems. In addition, 45 km of 1600 mm diam ductile iron pipes were laid as part of the Project.


The pumping station was part of a broader infrastructure project including underground collecting sewers, sewage treatment plant and treated water pumping stations executed by other contractors for Ashghal.