Delivering a New Vision


Philippe Tavernier

Chief Executive Officer

Graduated from French Civil Engineering School in 1990, Philippe Tavernier joined Dumez where he held various positions in France, in Egypt, for Cairo Metro and in Greece, for the Rion-Antirion Bridge. After the integration of DUMEZ-GTM into the VINCI group, he was appointed Technical Manager of the CTRL 310 rail project in England, then Section Manager before being named Deputy Project Director of the project in 2004. He moved then to Italy in 2005 as project manager for an LNG Terminal in Brindisi. Then to Oman in 2006 for the Wadi Dayqah Dams project.


Philippe Tavernier moved to Qatar in 2008, where he held the position of Project Manager of the Lusail Light Railway Transit System Project (LRT) for eight years. Since the 1st of April 2016, he was named Chief Executive Officer of QDVC .