Delivering a New Vision

An agreement signed recently between the Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) at Qatar University College of Arts and Sciences (QU-CAS) and QDVC will facilitate a joint research project in the field of innovative algal-products for carbon sequestration.

The Agreement aims to support high quality research and development activities related to CO2 capture, and sequestration into innovative algal-products. These products could potentially be used in road or construction sectors, and support sustainable development in Qatar.

Dr. Hassan Al-Derham, Qatar University President, and Yanick Garillon, CEO of QDVC signed the agreement in the presence of officials from both institutions, including CAS dean Dr. Eiman Mustafawi, CAS associate deans, for Academic Affairs Dr. Hassan Abdulaziz and for Outreach and Engagement Dr. Khalifa Hazaa, for Planning and Quality Assurance Dr. Steven Wright, Director of the Center for Sustainable Development Dr. Hamad Al Saad Al Kuwari, Manager of the Algal Technologies Program Mr. Hareb Al Jabri, , QDVC Chief Support Services Officer Sheikha Athba Al-Thani and QDVC Head of PR & Communication Ms. Ferial Bouchaib and Ms.Marie Marvillet CSR coordinator.

Dr. Hassan Al-Derham QU President said: “I am confident that this partnership agreement will support high quality research into carbon sequestration technologies that can be linked to the production of valuable products. This partnership agreement is a great significance for Qatar in general, as it addresses multiple pillars of the Qatar National Vision 2030”. “I am proud to see Qatar University taking a leading academic role in Qatar’s developments towards a more sustainable society, through our newly established Center for Sustainable Development, under the College of Arts and Sciences. I would like to thank our colleagues in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Center for their hard work and dedication. With your support, today’s agreement between Qatar University and QDVC will contribute to fulfilling national needs for high-quality research, and becoming a leader in development of sustainable technologies. This project will also highlight the College’s ongoing efforts to provide research addressing relevant local challenges, such as carbon emissions, and contribute actively to the needs and aspirations of society”, he added.

Mr.Yanick GARILLON, QDVC CEO said: “The new collaboration between QU & QDVC will not only aim at the production of various algae-based bio-products, but also solve the pressing issues related to sustainable development and fully aligned with QNV 2030. This 4 years Project aims at developing CO2 sequestration technologies through algal-products that could be used for road or other construction sectors. It is an innovative initiative that also involves the EUROVIA Research Center based in France.

Sheikha Athba al-Thani, Chief Support Services Officer at QDVC said: “We are proud to formalize today the great relationship that already exists between QDVC and Qatar University through this new partnership. Our aim is definitely to develop the local business network by implementing the highest construction standards and raise awareness among the population on sustainable development issues”. She added: “This collaboration aims also at the production of various algae-based bio-products that will create integrated knowledge and collaborative arrangements”.

Algae are a fast developing field, and present a high potential for production in Qatar. Mr. Hareb Al Jabri, Manager of the Algal Technologies Program and lead investigator on the project mentioned, “Using this valuable local resource to offset greenhouse gas emissions, whilst also supporting the local economy, is key in achieving a more sustainable future for Qatar”. Dr. Hamad Al Saad Al Kuwari, Director of the Center for Sustainable Development added: “Algae are one of the focus areas of the Center for Sustainable Development, and can be used as a local feedstock for many different products”.