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The website is accessible. This means that any Internet user can access its content without difficulty, including users with handicaps that require special web browsers.

For example, visually impaired users may adjust the site display to meet their needs (changing font size, colours, and contrast), and users who have lost the use of their hands may navigate without a mouse.

Web page personalization

The website was designed to treat each display element separately, allowing you to personalize the display to suit your needs. Specifically, it is possible to:

  • Change font size:

Your browser’s options for changing font size are compatible with our website. For Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, go to the "View" menu (at the top of the browser), then click on "Text size" and choose your desired font size.

Navigation aids

  • Return to home
    At the top of each page on our website, clicking on the QDVC logo brings you back to the home page.
  • Breadcrumb trail
    Located in the upper part of each page, the breadcrumb trail shows your current location on the website in addition to your navigation path. You may click on any part of your navigation path in order to return to another page.
  • Site map
    The site map gives you an overall glimpse of each section and subsection on the website. A link to the site map is available at the bottom of each page.
  • Search engine
    Each page includes a link to the site search engine.
  • Quick access links
    • to content
    • to the home page
  • Title-to-title navigation
    Each page of the website is organized with titles, subtitles, etc. This lets users of display readers see the page summary, if desired.
  • Keyboard navigation (no mouse mode)
    To navigate the website using only your keyboard, use the "up" and "down" arrows to move the scroll bar, the "Tab" key to move from link to link, and the "Enter" key to follow the selected link.

Tools for reading certain content (available for download)

To view PDF, Flash, or Word content, you need to install certain software or add-ons to your computer. If you do not have these programs, you can download them at no cost by following the links below: